The ALL-IN-ONE Payment Solution.

Using a Card at the payment terminal is extremely fast and convenient. Staff members do not need to handle large volumes of cash during transactions or when they do reconciliation at the end of the day. Dispensary Pro Pay makes the retail experience so much more efficient and user-friendly.


Enhance Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

The user-friendly management application provides fast and easy access to real-time information on transactions and payment terminal status with automated reporting.

“Customers love how quick and user-friendly it is. They keep coming back to our store! It’s a great opportunity to link to our Loyalty program.”

Daniel B. - Retail Assistant

’Our staff members appreciate the ease and convenience of working with Dispensary Pro Pay!’’

Fiona D. - General Manger

Our Goal

Dispensary Pro Pay will provide the highest level of service, support, and we guarantee an increase in the level of customer service you experience.

We will improve your business by providing another route for your customers to purchase your products seamlessly and effectively.


Benefits and Features

Hardware and Software Inventory

Reports on hardware (terminal model, serial number) and software (OS version, App version,  EMV version) of all the payment devices listed in the network.

These reports are customizable by filter (merchant,  state, location) and are sent automatically via

e-mail to the approved distribution list.

Payment Terminal Monitoring

Reports of conditions or errors reported by the payment terminals in the selected time period with numerous options to customize your data through the filters.

Transaction Log

Reports of the number of transactions and transaction  details processed by each payment terminal. The  last four digits of the card, amount, tip, or cash  back are shown the number of transactions.

Management Portal & Database

Safety and Security

There is no need to carry physical cash to make a payment. It is fast and easy. It is also totally secure. You have a real-time receipt and audit trail.


Your ATM card can be used at the payment terminal to instantly withdraw the payment from your account to make the purchase.


For payments made during the week, funds settle into the account within 24 hours; payments made at the weekend settle on Monday.


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